Online Vs Offline Casinos: Are They Competitors or Partners?

If you are running a business, you know that your online presence is a must for your enterprise to survive in the competition. Is it the same in the field of gambling? Are online and land-based casinos competing with each other? Let’s dwell on the matter.

Different Concepts

Land-based casinos compete with quite a limited number of establishments built in a particular city like Las Vegas or Macau. While on the Internet, the number of casino sites is impossible to count. More and more platforms offering WinterMoolah and other interesting games are regularly appearing. So, for sure, it is more complicated to promote an online platform than a land-based establishment. 

But it should be taken into consideration that launching a site is way cheaper than opening a real casino. If comparing offline/online casinos with offline/online stores, the latter complement each other, and a website helps to increase sales of goods and services. While in the case of casinos, online business exists separately and does not contribute to the popularization of a land-based establishment.

Differences Between Land-based and Online Casinos

As we have already understood, these two gambling directions do not complement each other. So, what is different between them?

  • Availability: To play online, a person just needs an internet-connected device. To gamble in a real casino, it is necessary to arrive in the city where it is located, book a hotel, pay for nutrition and other services.
  • Range of Games: On the Internet, the number of available games is limited only by the available software developed by manufacturers. In real casinos, the available range of games is physically limited by the number of slot machines and tables in a casino.
  • Security & Anonymity: Gambling on the internet, no one will find out about your pastime, as well as expenses & winnings. Coming in a real casino, it is not that easy to hide this fact (if you need to). Besides, winners become the center of attention in a gambling hall. Not everyone likes this.
  • Environment & Ambiance: In a real casino, everything from smells to sounds is different. Even time passes differently. Playing online, a user is sitting in front of a laptop or with a smartphone at home, in a car, or during lunch break in the office. This environment can in no way be compared to a real casino.

Any Similarities?

Well, undeniably, gambling provides excitement and thrill to players, both online and offline establishments. And this is the most essential similarity between these two variations of casinos.

Final Words

Online and offline casinos can hardly be called competitors. They are different realizations of gambling. And some people find the benefits of casino sites more valuable, while others do not understand gambling without the sounds of a real casino, extra drinks offered there, and the whole Vegas atmosphere around.

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