One Year Ago Today Chris Paul Snitched On Jordan Bell For Having His Jersey Untucked

Written by schultzyca

Since Chris Paul does not have an NBA Championship this has to be the best moment of his career.

If you forget what happened Paul snitched on Jordan Bell for having his jersey untucked which resulted in a delay of game violation which is a technical foul and which resulted in a free throw, and then Steven Adams throwing Dennis Schroder with a full court pass which lead to a lay-up and winning the game. This win launched the Thunder into playoff contention and turned their season around. That move has been the makeup of Chris Paul’s career quick thinking and a high basketball IQ I do not believe the regular NBA player would of thought of that as quickly as Paul did.

I remember watching the replay of this on Twitter and I was just grinning because it did not surprise me that Chris thought of this so quick. What a great year anniversary of this notable play in Chris Pauls career what a guy.

For me the NBA player that deserves a ring the most is either CP3 or Carmelo without a doubt. The unfortunate thing is we most likely will not see either of this players winning a ring and that is sad.

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