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One Police Officer Thought About Pepper Spraying and/or Tasing Driver After Pulling Him Over For Speeding (Video)

The police force have been getting a bad rep nowadays after the George Floyd murder (happened while in police custody) last month, resulting in numerous riots and protests related to the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

However this video clip here, likely won’t help them out of that bad light. In regards to performing appropriate policing actions that is.

A video posted by comedian Arron Crascall shows a young man filming a confrontation between him and a police officer who pulled him over for speeding.

However in the clip, it appears that the officer who pulled him over, had a pepper spray can in hand, and possibly spraying him with it.

And during the clip, the officer also thought using the taser on the driver, after he pulled the phone away which was filming the confrontation.

You be the judge here in this, but you have to admit that there are good cops and there are also bad cops throughout this country. But this officer may have landed himself into the bad category.

Again, you be the judge here.

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