One of the Greatest Fantasy Football Weeks is in The Books

Written by Durr

Madness occurred this week in all aspects of Fantasy Football as there were numerous players who “went off” when it comes to the great activity of Fantasy Football. By achieving the “going off” status, it usually means your player scores in the upper 20’s, but this week, so many players did that which means you have to raise the expectation to 30 this week. So, with that being said, Where do I even start? (this review will be done with half-ppr scoring)

We will start at the Quarterback position with Justin Herbert. I was one of the more unfortunate ones this week going up against him, but man oh man, you got to tip your cap off to him. 42.82 fantasy points to lead all scorers this week. This included 5 touchdowns, one of those being rushing, to go along with 398 yards in the air and almost 30 yards on the ground. He could not be stopped.

Now let’s look at his teammates on the LA Chargers that shined because of him. Running Back, Austin Ekeler was able to tally 30.4 fantasy points thanks to 3 touchdowns (one of them being receiving) and over 100 all purpose yards. Receiver, Mike Williams, continues his strong breakout performance with 32.5 points, hauling in 8 receptions for 165 yards and two touchdowns. When Herbert thrives, so do the Chargers.

Tom brady threw 5 touchdowns which ultimately led him to gather 37.74 fantasy points due to his 411 passing yards as well. No other Bucs player had that “go off” game according to this week’s standards, but a couple will get their honorable mentions towards the end of this article. Josh Allen had a similar situation as Brady, except he had 4 touchdowns total (one of them rushing) to go along with 59 rushing yards and 315 passing yards, giving him 36.5 fantasy points. No other Bills player was affect significantly from Allen’s performance.

Fantasy First Rounders Davante Adams and Derrick Henry got past the 30 point threshold as well, with Adams hauling in 11 receptions to go along with 206 yards and a touchdown. It seemed like Aaron Rodgers was only looking for his main man in a wild game against the Cincinnati Bengals and Adams’ owners loved it. Henry found the endzone three times to go along with 130 rushing yards to give him 31 fantasy points against the struggling Jaguars.

Now for Monday Night Football. If you were looking for a “Monday Night Miracle”, you probably got it in some aspect. Lamar Jackson essentially matched Justin Herbert’s QB performance with 41.88 points. As I mentioned before, I went against Justin Herbert, but luckily I had Lamar Jackson to cancel it out! Like Herbert, the bulk of Jackson’s points came n the 4th quarter which makes it even more intense than it already was and Jackson’s performance led to two of his top targets to succeed as well. Tight End, Mark Andrews, dropped a whopping 36.2 points due to his 11 receptions, 147 yards, and two touchdowns. These are improbable numbers for a tight end, even for standards like Chiefs Tight End, Travis Kelce. Wide Receiver, Marquise Brown, also finished the night with 29 points by hauling in 2 touchdowns to go along with 125 yards and 9 receptions. He has now turned into a consistent start for fantasy owners as you should expect his PRK to enter the top 10.

On the other side of the field, Jonathan Taylor picked up 53 rushing yards, 116 receiving yards, to go along with both a receiving and rushing touchdown to give him 30.4 fantasy points. This comes in big thanks for the screen pass he got that ended up being a 76 yard touchdown catch. This helped make one of the best fantasy Monday Night Football games in recent memory,

With all these great performances, let’s give you some honorable mention performers: Antonio Brown WR (27.9), Alvin Kamara RB (26.7), Myles Gaskin RB (26.9), Kyle Pitts TE (22.4), Ja’marr Chase WR (25), Mike Evans WR (26.3), DK Metcalf WR (24.3), Nick Chubb RB (23.5). Kadarius Toney WR (24.6). There are so many others who also scored in the low 20’s that would fill this entire page up.

With all this scoring, you probably needed at least two of these guys last week in order to win your matchup due to the amount of players with great games. I am fully anticipating a boring week in fantasy for week 6 considering the chaos that unfolded over the weekend. Hopefully I am wrong, but it’s so rare to see anything like we witnessed last weekend on any sort of basis. Let’s be grateful of what we got to see on display this past weekend and when people look back on fantasy football history, this will be something they will remember for a long time. This is why we absolutely love…. or hate fantasy football.

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