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One More Road Trip: Yoopers for Trump Caravan Will Be Back On the Road 10/24

Written by Nate

Yoopers for Trump Road Trip/Caravan organizer Krista Kurth has announced that a third and final road trip is scheduled to go on the road in late October, just in time before the 2020 election.

The upcoming trip is slated for Saturday, October 24th, a week before Halloween.

Supporters who wish to participate in the trip are encouraged to bring their car, truck, motorcycle, semi, and other forms of vehicle, and decorate them in Patriotic and President Trump themes.

This time, the caravan’s trip will start over at Recreation Lanes in Iron Mountain, then they will go south to Menominee, then they will make stops going east to Escanaba and Manistique.

The caravan will then make a turnaround to head north, and make their last stops at Au Train and Trenary, before finishing their trip in Marquette.

Kurth said supporters and caravan goers are not required to go on the full trip. They can go on either for the full trip, or they can come in and go at any point.

Photos Courtesy: Krista Kurth (Facebook)

As seen in one of the images above, the trip is expected to start at around 8 am EST/7 am CST, and finish at approximately 6 pm EST.

If anyone wants to keep up to date on the trip itself, they are encouraged to request and join the Yoopers for TRUMP Road Trip Facebook page for more information.

They can also feel free to contact Kurth about the trip at (906) 553-2059.

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