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One Firework Display in Upper Peninsula of Michigan Looked Like the Detroit Red Wings’s Logo

Over the 4th of July weekend, many fireworks were on display across much of the country. However, one distinct picture of fireworks in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan formed some resemblance of a familiar NHL team.

In the picture below, you’ll see a display of a fireworks over Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan, appearing to form a shape completely similar to the logo of the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings.

The picture was being taken on the 4th of July looking across from Marquette’s Lower Harbor with the Landmark Inn and the skyline of the city nearby.

Screenshot Image capturing the logo from a different direction/PC: WFXD
Actual Detroit Red Wings logo

Yeah, it is not the exact shape, but you can see the firework forming a wing on the right-hand side, and a wheel at the left-center of the display with the red and white colors to it.

And to a state that is home to the Red Wings, it is a belief that fans will take it as a compliment! Go Red Wings!

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