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One Bettor Lost Out on $975K After Nyheim Hines Went Down with a Concussion in Game’s First Drive

Written by Nate
@prosportsextra This person bet $90k Hines would score the first TD. Hines got a concussion first drive. #Fyp #NFL #indianapoliscolts #nyheimhines #sportsbetting ♬ original sound – prosportsextra

Tonight’s Thursday Night Football matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts is looking to be a big dud with it being low-scoring. However, one unknown bettor may have gotten the biggest L of the night (if not the whole season).

On Twitter, FanDuel Sportsbook posted that someone placed in a bet of over $88,000 with a payout of over $975,000 for Colts running back Nyheim Hines scored the game’s first touchdown.

Yet, there was one problem: on the very first drive, Hines went down with a concussion. He would not return to the game.

Oof, just yikes man.

Imagine putting in an equivalent of someone’s yearly salary towards a player to score a touchdown only to see that player get injured on the drive.

This is why some people don’t or shouldn’t gamble or bet on games.

UPDATE: FanDuel will be refunding all online wagers from the free bets involving Hines from tonight’s game. This also will be including the big money bet that was placed placed for $88K.

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