On This Day January 8, 2011: Beast Quake Happened

Written by Will

Crazy to think it has been ten years since the Marshawn Lynch “beast quake” run. I will never forget watching this live. The Seahawks were huge underdogs going into this game. As they should have been, the Saints were 11-5 and the defending Super Bowl champions. While, the Seahawks were 7-9 but the division was awful that year, resulting in the Seahawks winning the division and hosting the Saints. The rest is history. This run by Marshawn sent the Saints home and Seattle to the next round

This run caused a mini earthquake in Seattle thanks to the fans going absolutely nuts. The fans jumping, stands reverberating, and ground vibrating was enough to set off a local seismometer, which registered the shaking as an M=2 earthquake. That’s how crazy this run was. Ever since the run, the Seahawks are a completely different franchise. The Seahawks have one super bowl, two NFC championships, and the only team since then to have more wins than the Patriots.

Happy anniversary to Marshawn Lynch and the crazy Seahawks fans.

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