On This Day In 2017: Patriots Comeback From 28-3

On this date in 2017, the Patriots completed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. The craziest Super Bowl I have ever seen, not even close. The Falcons had Brady and the Patriots beat. Normally when a team comes back from a huge deficit, it starts right after half. The Falcons actually extended the lead after half, leading 28-3 with 2:13 left in the third quarter. The Patriots would score and the Falcons led 28-9 going into the fourth.

The Patriots got the ball back but settled for a field goal, making the score 28-12 with 9:44 left. All the Falcons had to do was run the ball and not turn it over. Well the Falcons fumbled on the next drive, the Patriots would score and get the two point conversion. The Falcons now led 28-20 with 5:56 left. The Falcons then put together a nice drive, getting the ball to the 23 on a insane catch by Julio Jones.

The Falcons once again set themselves up nicely, only having to run the ball and kick a field goal. The Falcons then tried to throw the ball and got sacked, pushing them out of field goal range. The Patriots would get the ball back and tie the game. The Patriots got the ball first in overtime and scored, winning Super Bowl 51. Since this game, the Falcons have only had one playoff appearance and has had three straight losing seasons. This loss still haunts the Falcons.

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