On This Day in 2013: The Iron Bowl Kick Six Happened

Written by Nate

Tied at 28 with only a couple seconds left back in 2013, Alabama lined up for a long field goal, then the kicker misses… and apologies to Alabama fans, but you know what happens next.

Well on this day seven years ago, No. 4 Auburn Tigers pulled off the stunner of all ages as the Chris Davis ‘Kick Six’ happened in which propelled Auburn to an upset win over No. 1 Alabama at the time.

That play was part of what was a magical year for Auburn football. The Tigers also had a great playa against No. 25 Georgia Bulldogs just weeks prior.

The miracles that happened that year was led Auburn to a National Championship appearance, in which they went on to lose to Florida State, 34-31.

Down below is the video of the play, but it was called from the point of view of the late Auburn radio announcer Ron Bramblett.

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