On This Date In 2016: Kobe Dropped 60 Points In His Final Game

Written by Will

Five years ago today, Kobe Bryant played his final basketball game. He went out with electricity, scoring 60 points in his final game. This was Kobes 1,346th career game and as Kobe always did, he delivered. The Lakers were out of the playoffs, a lottery team. No one cared about the Lakers as a team, but everyone wanted to see Kobe one last time. Every star was at the game. Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Spike Lee, Jay-Z, and Adam Levine. Just to name a few.

Everyone had to see Kobe one last time. That is how it was for me that night. Sophomore in high school who had a track meet an hour away. I remember rushing home from the meet just in time for the game to start. Kobe didn’t disappoint. No one expected what was about to happen. This was a 37-year old playing his final game in his 20th season. Kobe took the world for shock and scored 60 points, including 15 of the final 17 for the Lakers in a win against the Jazz. His sixth game with at least 60 points in his career, ranking second all-time. Incredible, the best send-off ever. Only Kobe could go out like this.

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