Olympic Skateboarder Takes Painful Nutshot On International Live TV

Written by Incognito

For the first time ever in Olympic history, skateboarding made its debut on the global stage with 12 skateboarders representing the United States. The skateboarders didn’t disappoint and showcased big air, tricks, and flips.

Unintentionally stealing the spotlight from the his competitors, Peruvian skateboarder, Angelo Caro Narvaez, started the men’s street competition when an attempt to grind on a rail took a gruesome turn and Narvaez nut checked himself into space. Narvaez grimaced and bent over in pain seemingly questioning his life choices. Despite having to take five minutes to compose himself, Narvaez qualified for the final and finished fifth. Clip and pics below.

Fifth place for a gnarly nutcheck for the ages? Thanks, but no thanks.

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