Ohtani is Officially a Face of Baseball; The Yankees Officially Suck

Shohei Ohtani has a busy weekend in Colorado come All-Star weekend. He’s competing in the homerun derby and was selected as an All-Star…as a pitcher and a hitter.

What can’t this guy do? Breaking records left and right…oh yeah, he’s also on pace for 60 homeruns and 130 RBI’s. Will he ever slow down?

In other baseball news, the Yankees have to be by far the biggest disappointment this year. The Twins are also disappointing, but the Yankees were dubbed as one of the best teams in baseball at the beginning of the year. The Yankees are 42-41, good enough for 4th in the division and 10 games back. If the Yankees pitching hasn’t been so good, they could be in a much worse spot than they are right now.

The fan base and ownership wants to be buyers at the deadline, but they’re looking more like a 4th place team as each game goes on. With a lineup hitting .235 and a bullpen struggling as of late, it’s getting harder and harder to recognize the one of the highest spending teams to be one of the best teams.

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