Ohio Launches Responsible Gambling Campaign

Written by TrevStone

A responsible gambling campaign to make college students aware of the problematic behaviours associated with gambling in Ohio is receiving significant support from government and industry bodies. 

The Get Set Before You Bet movement has been put together by the Prevention Action Alliance, which is an agency helping communities to create safe spaces and environments in any field. 

The Ohio for Responsible Gaming (ORG) organization helps fund the initiative – most proceeds are raised from gaming taxes generated in the state. 

The campaign includes an extensive online resource from which players can learn about the dangers of online betting and how to engage in gambling safely and offers alternative methods for young people to engage in sporting events without feeling the need to wager. 

Why is the promotion of responsible gambling a key facet of the industry’s long-term sustainability? How can a detailed action plan against gambling addiction help the online gambling industry thrive in states such as Ohio?

How Does The Campaign Promote Responsible Gambling?

The movement has received plenty of praise for its scope, which has been possible thanks to the extensive funding provided by the state’s lottery, casino, and racing commissions in partnership with the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. 

For any person, worried family member, or concerned friend, there is a 24/7 helpline (1-800-589-9966), where experts are on standby to provide counsel and advice. Alternatively, Ohio residents can text 4HOPE to 741741 for more information on preventing online gambling harm. 

ORG is also providing plenty of online resources, including a toolkit that highlights the damages problem gambling can cause and a spate of online advertisements promoting the initiatives. A nine-question quiz is available to help identify the risk of a player developing an online gambling problem. Throughout the quiz, there are tips to help combat certain behaviours – urging deposit and wagering limits, advocating for time-out breaks, and taking up hobbies that do not involve gambling. 

Why Is There An Influx Of Online Gambling Safety Material?

The move to increase awareness of problem gambling comes off the back of Ohio readying sports betting licenses for the region. The goal is to stave off any risk of developing problem gambling behaviour as early as possible. 

Gambling industry observers are encouraging the idea, which brings responsible gambling into the regional and national conversation. For too long, they argue, these issues have been swept under the carpet because of the unregulated and illegal status of online gambling. 

More than 20 online sportsbooks are set to open in Ohio on January 1st 2023 – the state will become a nationwide industry leader overnight.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Gambling Regulation?

Bringing online sports betting under the control of the state instead of illegal, offshore bookmakers have obvious benefits – the main one being taxation income. 

According to the Legislative Budget Office (LBO) in Ohio, the move will generate $3.35billlion in income. One sports betting attorney Daniel Wallach believes Ohio will surpass other US states that have legalized online gambling. He said: “I think Ohio’s performance to handle the revenue, that state tax collections are going to be higher than they are in Illinois and Michigan where they’re approaching numbers of close to a billion dollars a month in sports betting transactions.” 

Players will also enjoy a higher quality experience – the influx of sports betting sites will likely drive up competition in a race to the top rather than a race to the bottom. This will mean betting sites with fast withdrawals, dedicated customer service teams, and a full suite of responsible gambling tools. 

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