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Ohio Couple Facing Backlash After They Shot and Buried Owner’s Puppy Dog Before Telling Her

Written by Nate

UPDATE: Brock has posted a long update below regarding the evidence and the couple responsible for the dog’s death.

A police officer helping out in the case believes he has enough evidence to eventually charge them with animal abuse (a possible felony). Brock said the officer told her if either Ryan and Randee do not get in contact with them, an arrest warrant will be issued.

This is a disturbing set of events here.

An Ohio couple is catching heat after a viral Facebook post from a distant family member exposed them saying they shot, killed and buried her three-month-old dog.

A post by Megan Rae Brock said that her step-family member Ryan Boss, and girlfriend Randee Pegan, were asked by Megan to watch their dogs and it was allegedly reported that Ryan went to get his BB gun and shot her dog, Rosie, ‘in the jugular’ (neck vein) and it bled to death afterwards.

Brock said that Boss’s main reason he did it was because the dog ‘wouldn’t stop barking and he just couldn’t stand it anymore.’

Brock (Facebook)

The alarming part in the post was when the owner learned and mentioned that both of them buried her dog before telling her.

Down below are the screenshot images of the conversation Brock had with both Ryan and Randee about the incident.

All photos used credited to Brock (Facebook)

It is also believed that both Ryan and Randee deleted their Facebook accounts as a result from the events that happened. Also, Brock says that before she deleted her account, Randee blocked her outright after learning the truth of her puppy’s death.

Brock has thanked everyone for her support and is encouraging them to continue expressing it under the hashtag #justiceforrosie.

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