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Ohhhh Snappp!!! Are Jake Paul and Julia Rose Dating? – @JuliaRose_33 @JakePaul

Written by TrevStone

After Jake Paul’s professional boxing win he had a fun night out that included hanging out with Internet star Julia Rose and a group of other women that included his “ex” Tana Mongeau.

It seemed somewhat normal. Maybe just a couple friends? I mean Julia did star in his music video. But……

The fun with her hasn’t stopped for them. The two of them have posted with each other just about every day since.

While hanging out with his “ex” Tana Mongeau and Julia Rose he posted this:

Here are a couple pictures of the two of them together:

I’m not sure if the two of them are dating… But if sooo… I wish the two of them nothing but luck. For you Jake Paul haters, that sucks! He’s dating one of the best looking girls on the planet.

Julia and Tana pulled a prank on Jake… Leaving Jake speechless:

I’m all in for the Jake Paul and Julia Rose content! Congrats to both of them.

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