Oh Bother: Indians Use Winnie the Pooh Memes to Annoy China’s President Xi

Written by Mike Rickard II

Let’s Start World War Three: China vs. India. Rising tensions between the Republic of India (aka the Cosmic Call Center) and the People’s Republic of China (aka the Communists) have led to the return of an irksome situation for Chinese president and despot Xi Jinping. The New York Times reported on a recent border clash between military forces from both nations:

For the past several weeks, after a series of brawls along their disputed border, China and India have been building up their forces in the remote Galwan Valley, high up in the Himalayas.

As they dug into opposing positions, adding tinder to a long-smoldering conflict, China took an especially muscular posture, sending in artillery, armored personnel carriers, dump trucks and excavators. On Monday night, a huge fight broke out between Chinese and Indian troops in roughly the same barren area where these two nations, the world’s most populous, had fought a war in 1962.

While government officials decide whether to let their military do the talking or pursue diplomacy, a number of Indians have reminded President Xi of what some say are some striking similarities between him and Winnie the Pooh.

Just one of many memes equating Xi with England’s hometown hero.

Blocking the Bear. Apparently President Xi is sensitive about his resemblance to A.A. Milne’s beloved cartoon bear. According to an article at The Sun:

Mentions of the cartoon bear with a love for honey are reportedly blocked on Chinese social networks amid comparisons with President Xi.

The Chinese government consider comparisons as a “serious attempt to undermine the presidential office and Xi himself,” said Global Risk Insights.

President Xi and then U.S. President Barack Obama were compared to Winnie the Pooh sauntering next to pal Tigger in 2013.

If a person sends the picture of Xi and Obama next to Pooh and Tigger in a WeChat group, others in the group chat will not see the picture, reports CNN.
Do you see any resemblance?

South Park parodied Xi’s obsession with the bear of little brain

Despite what you may have heard, Winnie the Pooh is doing well at his palatial estate in the Hundred Acre Woods. My sources in the UK tell me he is speaking with legal counsel about filing action against China’s President Xi for defamation of character as he doesn’t want to be compared to the toad-like tyrant Xi. When asked for a statement, Pooh Bear said “he’d prefer not to be associated with that washed-up piece of trash from one of merry old England’s former colonies” but that may have been the honey talking or bad reception on my Skype call.

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