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Official: Baker Mayfield To Carolina Panthers; Sam Darnold’s Future In Question

What an off-season this has been for the NFL. It seems like every year there is one prominent storyline to the NFL off-season, and this year it just so happens to be quarterback turmoil across the NFL

The biggest focal point of quarterback turmoil has been Baker Mayfield’s status in Cleveland. As everyone knows by now, a few weeks ago the Browns signed the hottest free agent in the NFL, DeShaun Watson, to be Mayfield’s replacement.

The picture in the feature image is a screen shot of a proposed trade of Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers

The Browns have yet to trade or release Mayfield who has been their starting quarterback over the past several years. Some analysts are beginning to wonder if the Browns decide to keep Mayfield and have him as their second string behind Watson. There is a chance that Watson may still be suspended for some if not all of the 2022 season.

If that’s the case, and DeShaun Watson is in fact suspended for the season, it will be Mayfield who would take the snaps when the Browns travel to Carolina this upcoming season to play the Panthers. That is of course assuming that Mayfield is still with Cleveland.

The ironic part about it all is that Mayfield was considered to be a potential candidate for the starting role in Carolina after current starting quarterback Sam Darnold had a lackluster season. The Panthers are also hosting a meeting with incoming and likely first round draft pick Kenny Pickett out of the University of Pittsburgh. One bas to wonder what Darnold’s future holds if Pickett is in fact drafted to Carolina.

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