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Of Zach Wilsons Moms Friends, Which One Did He Bang?

Written by TrevStone

We’ve all have heard the story by now. New York Jets QB Zach Wilson cheated on his ex Abbey Gile according to herself… But who did Zach cheat on her with? His moms bestfriend.

Yep. You read that right, that is a dog right there.

Zach literally cheated on his girlfriend to bang his moms bestie. His mom has been known by many to be a ‘smokeshow’ and has mentioned creating an OnlyFans in the past.

That’s somewhat hilarious but very disrespectful to his GF at the time and probably to his mom also. But he didn’t care and who knows if he cares now. All I know is this has brought many laughs to people recently just knowing that he left his lady for his mom’s bestie. Fellas, if you are talking to someone or dating them… Don’t pull a Zach Wilson. Stay committed. But this is still hilarious

And the memes are coming in like crazy today.

In a since-deleted comment, Wilsons ex said that Wilson “was sleeping with his mom’s best friend … that’s the real homie hopper,” she wrote with two laughing emojis.

Image from – Instagram

How did she get back at Zach? It appears to be dating his college roommate, Washington Commanders wide receiver Dax Milne!

In the past PSE has blogged about Wilsons girlfriend.

People are wondering which of his mom’s friends could it be? Well, we don’t know for sure. But we do know that she has a large group of friends:

Image from – Instagram

His mom is pictured second from the right. And needless to say people are confusing Zach for banging his own mom:

If your going to ask me, I’ll rank who I think he banged.

And no this isn’t me ranking them on their looks. It’s me ranking them based on Zach’s type of women.

Image from Instagram

#1? We have the youngest looking of the crew. We know Zach likes blondes and his mom is friends with tons of them. But according to the Twitter universe they also believe it’s #1. Or could it be someone older?

#2? She also looks like she’s younger than the others for the most part. Maybe that didn’t matter to Zach but let’s be real. The option of her being #1 even is there.

#3? Yeah, we know that Zach likes milfs. She is the definition of one if you are going to ask people. Maybe she’s the one. Look at her smile. She probably was banging him back then too.

Added: the more I think about it, I feel like #3 might be the one.

#4? Doesn’t seem like his type. But maybe it is. She looks a bit younger also. But if the age don’t matter to him. Than I doubt it’s her.

#5? This sounds rude. But I don’t think she’s exactly his type. But maybe. She is blonde, a milf, but I’m thinking it isn’t her.

#6? She seems to almost slide above #5 but I also feel like #5 and #6 are related. And I just have a feeling it isn’t her. But her and #5 do seems close to his mom. Who knows. Maybe he bagged a couple of them.

#7? Wait there isn’t one. That his own mom. Let’s be real. The Internet is saying she is the best looking of the group. But I’m guessing… he didn’t bang his own mom. Well, I surely hope not anyway.


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