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Oakland A’s Fan Rushes the Field and Runs Around Bases During Batting Practice Without Getting Stopped by Security (Video)

Written by Nate

The 2023 season has been a long one already for the (rumored-to-be-departing) Oakland Athletics.

And it seems like the front office, the team—and even stadium security—reached to the point that they don’t care anymore what happens during and before games.

Example was given in a video by former player and MLB analyst/podcaster Ben Verlander as an A’s fan was seen rushing the Oakland Coliseum field and ran all around the bases—all done supposedly without being stopped by security. The only slowdown was by a couple grounds crew employees.

It is pretty sad how far the As and the state of sports in Oakland have fallen, and it’s even more pathetic when their team’s facilities refuse to stop a fan that rushed the field nonchalantly without getting chased.

Just shows how apathetic everyone is around the city towards their (only) sports team at the moment. We’re so sorry, Athletics fans. You all deserve so much better.

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