New York Knicks

@nyknicks Please Win On Christmas

Written by Durr

This season sucks. Yes, the Knicks have not been relevant forever and they just finally had a successful season, but with success comes expectations and now they have absolutely stunk.

Currently a game and a half out of the Play-In Tournament, there’s no better way to turn a season around with a Christmas victory.

Kemba Walker should’ve earned his spot back in the rotation with his stellar performance against the Wizards and in case you missed it, here are some highlights:

This guy is full of class. He loves New York even though he may not be getting it from the coaching staff itself. I hope he can emerge back into the rotation because it will help! Especially with DROSE out for a while.

If the Knicks can’t make the playoffs please, just pleaseeeee win on Christmas. I know it isn’t as classic as the NFL as thanksgiving, but its a significant enough day. Get it done.

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