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NWO Returns, The Fiend Threatens John Cena & Otis Gets His Revenge – WWE SmackDown Review (3-6-20) | #SmackDown

March 6th’s edition of WWE SmackDown has just wrapped up from the Key Bank Center in Buffalo, New York. Tonight’s show was the “go-home” show before the “Elimination Chamber” PPV event, this Sunday. We had 2 big matches & 2 very interesting segments announced for the show & we had even more matches & segments mixed in throughout the night.

Let’s get into the action…

Segment 1 – A video package opens the show that highlights The Fiend & John Cena’s face-off to end last week’s, SmackDown. We go to the commentary table as Michael Cole & Corey Graves rundown the events of the evening including a brand-new Firefly Funhouse with Bray Wyatt & a gauntlet match featuring the 6 tag-teams that’ll square off inside the Elimination Chamber at the PPV, this Sunday. That match will determine which team enters the chamber last.

Segment 2 – Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross make their way to the ring for the latest edition of “A Moment of Bliss” as they rundown the inductees for the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame then introduce their guests of the evening, the NWO. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & X-Pac make their way down to the ring. Alexa congratulates them on being inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame. Nikki grabs her phone & takes a selfie with the 3 men. Alexa jokingly asks if she should call Sean Waltman, Sean, X-Pac or the 1-2-3 Kid, Sean says to just call him a Hall of Famer. Alexa then asks Nash if he has any advice for Roman Reigns to beat Goldberg at WrestleMania since Nash is the one to end Goldberg’s undefeated streak. (when Alexa said Goldberg’s name it got a MASSIVE chorus of boos) Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro interrupt Nash & make their way down to the ring. Zayn says everyone loves the NWO but it’s not about them anymore, it’s about the future. Zayn says the future isn’t named the NWO it’s named Sami Zayn, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura. The trio make their way into the ring. Zayn says Hall & Nash know a ton about the Intercontinental Championship because they were great holders of the belt & then says Waltman knows how much it weighs because he held their bags for so long. Nash steps in & says Zayn talks a lot for someone who looks like Seth Rogan after having the stomach flu for 2 months. The NWO stand up & face-off with Zayn, Cesaro & Nakamura. Zayn then says a fight isn’t going to happen then the 3 exit the ring as Zayn says they just want to be relevant again by getting into a fight with the 3 best superstars on the roster. Braun Strowman’s music hits, Cesaro runs after him but Strowman throws him into the stage video board then tosses Nakamura aside. Zayn looks disheveled as he runs into the ring but the NWO make him back down, Strowman comes into the ring & they surround Zayn. Zayn doesn’t know what to do, so he grabs Alexa Bliss & holds her in front of him then sneaks out of the ring as Strowman starts throwing chairs at him from inside the ring. Strowman grabs a mic & says they won’t be able to run this Sunday because all 3 of them are going to get these hands & it’ll be too sweet as Strowman & the NWO do the classic too sweet gesture. We go backstage & see Naomi & Lacey Evans on their way to the ring for their match against Sasha Banks & Bayley which is up next as we head to a commercial break.

Segment 3 – Lacey Evans & Naomi vs Sasha Banks & Bayley. Naomi makes her electrifying entrance, followed by Lacey & then the Bayley & Sasha duo. The bell rings & we’re underway. Sasha & Lacey start this one off as Lacey goes running right at Sasha who ducks out of the way & immediately tags in Bayley as the 2 start attacking Lacey. Bayley tags Sasha back in & they toss Lacey hard into the corner. Bayley walks around the ring & Naomi drills her with a right hand, Sasha slips out of the ring & tosses Naomi into the barricade as we head to commercial. We come back to action as Bayley is in he ring working on Lacey’s knee. Lacey breaks off for a split-second & goes for the tag but Sasha & Bayley grab her right before she can do so, Lacey breaks out again & finally makes the tag as Bayley & Sasha slip out of the ring but Naomi takes both of them out with a corkscrew over the top rope to the outside of the ring. Naomi throws Sasha back into the ring & hits a sunset flip, goes for the cover, but Sasha kicks out at 2. Sasha gets up & drills Naomi with a nasty kick to the head but Naomi counters with a kick of her own, again goes for the cover but Bayley breaks it up. Bayley kicks Lacey out of the ring, Sasha tosses Noamo into the corner Bayley holds her up & Sasha plants her with the knees to the back, rolls her up & gets the pin-fall victory.

Segment 4 – We head backstage where Kayla Braxton introduces the New Day. She asks them if Kofi can recreate the “Kofi Mania” moment, from last year. Kofi says he can’t reminisce about the past & they need to focus on the Elimination Chamber. Big E says a gauntlet match isn’t a big deal to them because they have more stamina then a moose in mating season. Kofi says they will become the 8-time SmackDown tag-team champions. Big E starts the “New Day rocks” chant as the interview ends. Corey Graves & Michael Cole hype up the tag-team Elimination Chamber match, Sunday night & the gauntlet match, later tonight to determine who will be the final team to enter the chamber on Sunday.

Segment 5 – Sheamus makes his way to the ring before we head to commercial. We’re back from break & we see Bayley & Sasha Banks backstage as Bayley says she’s been dominant in Sasha’s absence but she’s happy to have her friend back. Sasha says she’s going to dedicate her album to her role model, Bayley. Bayley says that her & Sasha are going to go celebrate. Back to the ring where Apollo Crews is in Guerrilla position where Shorty G comes to talk to him. Shorty G says he respects that Apollo wants to do this alone but if he needs any help, just say the word & he’ll be right there. Shorty G goes to shake Apollo’s hand but he just walks away & comes down to the ring. Sheamus vs Apollo Crews is underway as the bell rings. Apollo takes Sheamus down & hits a diving elbow from the top rope, goes for the cover but Sheamus kicks right out. Apollo then hits him with a standing moonsault, again goes for the cover, but Sheamus again kicks out. Apollo throws Sheamus into the corner then Sheamus comes charging at him & lays him out with a Brogue Kick, goes for the cover & gets the win.

Segment 6 – Backstage, we see Drew Gulak & Drake Maverick comes into the locker room & says he wants to fight Daniel Bryan. Gulak says he knows all 163 weaknesses of Bryan’s & starts listing them off as Bryan walks in. Bryan says he’ll be in Philadelphia, Sunday night if Gulak wants to get into the ring & prove that he knows all of Bryan’s weaknesses as the segment ends. Michael Cole hypes up Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse later on, tonight to a great pop as we head to commercial.

Segment 7 – We come back from the break where Michael Cole announces that AJ Styles will be on WWE Backstage, this Tuesday night. Carmella comes out to the ring & is introduced by Greg Hamilton. Dana Brooke is next out as she’s announced as Carmella’s tag-team partner, for tonight. Fire & Desire make their way out. Dolph Ziggler pops up behind Rose & Deville as he’s going to accompany them to the ring. It’ll be Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville vs Carmella & Dana Brooke. The bell rings as the match is officially underway. Mandy & Carmella start it off. Carmella starts doing the moonwalk as the crowd is chanting Otis’ name. Mandy throws Carmella down & makes the tag to Sonya as she plants her with a slam, goes for the cover but Carmella kicks out at 2. Sonya works Carmella in a couple of submission holds, Carmella finally breaks out & hits Sonya with the “Mella Go-Round” then makes the tag to Dana. Dana takes Sonya down with a heavy shot then tosses her into the corner with an elbow & a kick. Dolph distracts Dana as Mandy tags herself in then drills Dana with a running knee & picks up the win. After the match, Corey Graves announces that Bray Wyatt & the Firefly Funhouse is coming up next as we head to a commercial break.

Segment 8 – We’re back from the break as we’re looking at the commentary booth who are hyping up the Elimination Chamber PPV, this Sunday. Then we get a video package showing The Fiend & John Cena’s face-off from last week’s SmackDown, then we cut to a brand-new Firefly Funhouse segment. The walls are covered with several pictures of John Cena with X’s through his eyes on all of them. Ramblin’ Rabbit shows a highlight of John Cena beating Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 30 then says “you can’t see me” & runs away. Bray says time can either hurt you or heal you & without Cena, the Funhouse wouldn’t exist. He says thank you to Cena & that he forgives him. Bray says however, there’s a catch. Cena helped create The Fiend who’s fueled by vengeance & built on hate & he’s waiting at WrestleMania. He goes on to say, unlike himself, he’s not very forgiving. Bray then says, life’s a circle & no matter how bright one side is, the dark-side will always come back around. He stares into the camera & says “Let Me In”, laughs in a very sinister manner, then waves goodbye. Corey Graves & Michael Cole then hype up SmackDown’s 2 biggest matches of WrestleMania in The Fiend vs John Cena & Roman Reigns vs Goldberg for the Universal Championship.

Segment 9 – Backstage, Kayla Braxton is talking with King Corbin, he says she’s not allowed to talk about his history with Roman & he’s here to talk about his plans for WrestleMania. Elias starts playing his guitar & interrupts Corbin as he says Elias better watch his mouth before he has to answer to his King. We then see Otis & Tucker then Mandy Rose walks in & Otis says sorry for being late to their date on Valentine’s Day but someone texted him saying Mandy was going to be late. Mandy says it’s too late & no lady likes being stood up, then Mandy walks away as Otis looks upset & Tucker tries to console him then we head to break.

Segment 10 – We’re back from break as Michael Cole announces that Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak is official for Elimination Chamber, this Sunday. Corey Graves announces that on his podcast, this Wednesday that he’ll announce the latest inductee into the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame class.

Segment 11 – Tag-Team Gauntlet Match to determine the team that’ll enter the Elimination Chamber match, this Sunday. The first 2 teams in the gauntlet are the New Day & Heavy Machinery. Tucker & Kofi start this one off. The pair trade some back & forth for a couple of minutes as Kofi tags in Big E & Big E points to Otis & Tucker tags him in & the crowd pops. The 2 big men hit each other with a clothesline but it’s a stalemate, Big E goes for another clothesline but Otis catches him & slams him. Kofi tries to run in but Tucker catches him & Heavy Machinery each plant a New Day member with a suplex. The action spills outside the ring as Tucker throws Otis into Kofi & Big E & the pair celebrate with the crowd as we head to a break. Back from the commercial as Kofi tries to hit Tucker with an outside dive but Tucker catches him & chucks him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Otis & Tucker hit Big E with the “Compactor” for the pin. New Day is eliminated. Lucha House Party are out next. Lince Dorado & Otis are in the ring, Dorado hits a moonsault & then goes for the cover but Otis kicks out. Otis tags Tucker in who drills Dorado with a powerbomb, goes for a cover of his own, but Dorado kicks out. Tucker starts working on Dorado’s shoulder but he’s able to push Tucker into the corner & tags in Gran Metalik. Metalik goes right for a cover but Tucker kicks out & is able to tag in Otis. Both members of the Lucha House Party rush Otis who knock them both down with a double shoulder block as Otis rolls out of the ring to recover. Metalik & Dorado get up & both hit diving attacks over the top rope to the outside on both Otis & Tucker as we head to another break. Back to the live action as Tucker tags in Otis who puts Dorado in a bear-hug, Dorado gets out after hitting Otis with a chin-breaker then hits Otis with a stunner after bouncing off of the ropes. Otis & Dorado both tag in their respective partners as Metalik hits a nice springboard dive on Tucker. The 2 start landing shots in the middle of the ring before Metalik dives to his corner to tag in Dorado. Dorado goes right to the top rope & hits a dive onto Tucker then goes for a cover but Tucker kicks out & takes Dorado down the lands some heavy kicks, a splash, then goes for the cover but Dorado kicks out at a 2-count. Tucker throws Dorado to the other side of the ring, knocks Metalik off the pron & tags in Otis. Otis hits Dorado in the corner with a splash then charges up the crowd & hits Dorado with the “Caterpillar” for the pin & gets the 3-count. Lucha House Party are eliminated. The Uso’s are next out. Jimmy & Jey make their entrance as we go to another commercial break. Back from the break & they go back & forth for a minute then Jimmy lights up Tucker with a super-kick, goes for the cover, but Tucker rolls him up & gets the 3-count. The Uso’s are eliminated. The SmackDown Tag-Team Champions, The Miz & John Morrison are next out. Miz & Tucker go back & forth for a few minutes then Miz hits a pair of jumping knees to a cornered Tucker then tags in Morrison. Morrison heads to the top rope & connects with a nifty, flying dive, goes for the pin but Otis breaks up the count. Tucker rolls up Morrison out of nowhere & gets the 3-count. The Miz & John Morrison are eliminated. After the pin, Miz & Morrison start attacking Otis & Tucker, then they throw Otis through the outside barricade. We cut to the backstage area where Mandy Rose is watching, Dolph Ziggler says don’t worry about that guy (Otis) as Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode make their way to the ring but we first head to another commercial break. We’re back to the match as Ziggler & Roode are double teaming Tucker & working him over & over for awile. Otis somehow gets up from the wreckage & stands on the apron as the crowd goes absolutely wild. Tucker can’t make the tag, though as Ziggler has him held down…Ziggler tags out, Tucker lays both of them out & makes the hot-tag to Otis who drills Roode & Ziggler. It’s just Otis & Roode in the ring, Roode punches Otis but Otis is only getting hyped & Roode is visibly frustrated. Otis throws Roode across the ring but Roode gets up & throws him to the corner. Ziggler tags himself in but Otis knocks him off the apron. Otis goes for the “Caterpillar” on Roode but Ziggler drills him with a super-kick, goes for the cover & gets the win. Roode & Ziggler will enter last in the Elimination Chamber match for the SmackDown Tag-Team Championships, this Sunday. Ziggler & Roode celebrate as the show goes off the air.

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