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NWA Powerrr Review + Full Episode (3-3-20) | @NWA #NWAPowerrr #CrockettCup

Written by Colby Faria

The first NWA Powerrr of March has concluded from the GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. It was another terrific night of action & perfectly written segments.

Let’s not waste anymore time & get into the action…

Watch the episode, in full, below. Under the video will be a play-by-play of each segment.

Segment 1 – NWA TV Championship Match – Ricky Starks (C) vs Ziggy Dice. The 7-minute time limit begins for this match as every TV title match has that limit. Starks goes right after Dice with a drop-kick, a quick-cover but Dice kicks out & rolls out of the ring…he trips Starks up & drags him out of the ring as well. Dice drills Starks into the steel steps & then into the ring-post. Dice goes into the ring & brings Starks with him, goes for the pin, but Starks kicks out at 2. Starks goes for a suplex off the top rope but Dice kicks out. Dice plants Starks with a neck-breaker & a pin but Starks kicks out. Starks goes for a power-bomb but Dice rolls him up & gets the win. NEW NWA TV Champion, Zicky Dice.

Segment 2 – Thom Latimer interrupts Dice’s celebration, Dice runs off & Latimer yells for Joe Gallo to come to the interview area. Gallo obliges as Latimer says since Gallo wants to hear Kamille speak so badly, she will do so, next week. Latimer then calls Gallo a pathetic little creep as the segment ends.

Segment 3 – We get a video package hyping the Aldis-Scurll NWA World Heavyweight Championship match at the Crockett Cup. Then we cut to a pre-taped press conference where each man speaks & cuts a promo on each other.

Segment 4 – Another video package airs showing Question Mark & Arron Stevens in action, last week. We cut back to the show where Stevens & Mark are being interviewed by David Marquez as the pair say they want more titles. Then out come The Rock N Roll Express, Stevens mockingly cheers for them & says it only took them 4 decades to finally get air time with him & he poses for a picture. Stevens says he doesn’t want to waste anymore of their time since they don’t have much left. He then says he wants a shot at the tag-team titles & then says a match between both teams could benefit both of them as it’ll be a good win for Stevens & Mark & Stevens will bring them on a movie set in LA with them so they can finally get some exposure. The Express agree & say they’ll go at it, next week.

Segment 5 – Last Chance Match – CW Anderson & Caleb Konley vs The Dawson’s. The losing team will have their contracts voided & can no longer compete in NWA. This is a quick one. We get some back & forth between both teams as The Dawson’s throw some very heavy offense on Anderson & Konley. Konley hits one of the Dawson’s with a suicide dive on the outside of the ring & then the other Dawson with a springboard dive on the inside of the ring as Anderson drills one of the Dawson’s with a spine-buster for the 3-count.

Segment 6 – May Valentine & Sal Rinauro join Joe Gallo in the interview area. May says it’s a blessing in disguise they Sal broke his arm because it allows him to help her with her vlog & lingerie line. Sal says he’s about a month away from getting back into the ring but he loves helping May with her projects. May says the NWA fans aren’t ready for Kamille because she’s going to mean business, next week. The pair start vlogging around the arena but Royce Isaacs (May’s boyfriend) comes out & attacks Sal. He attempts to break Sal’s other arm but May stops him, he finally lets Sal go.

Segment 7 – Pope & The Beer City Bruisers AKA The Bouncers are being interviewed by Dave Marquez. They all say they’re only loyal to one thing & that’s money. The Bouncers said they came to NWA to prove that they’re the best tag-team in the universe & they will win the NWA World Tag-Team Championships & they will celebrate with their new titles & drink all night after they beat Storm & Drake, tonight.

Segment 8 – NWA World Tag-Team Championships – James Storm & Eli Drake (C) (with Eddie Kingston) vs The Beer City Bruisers (with Pope). The teams start with some back & forth as The Bruisers take control for the majority of the match. Pope & Kingston have been chirping at each other at ringside for the entire match. One of the Bruisers miss a diving leg drop on Drake as Storm tags himself in & they hit a double powerslam on their opponent. Drake gets the win for his team after Storm hits one of the Bruisers with the “Last Shot”. After the match Kingston calls for Pope to get in the ring, Pope takes off his vest but then shakes his head saying no as he grabs his glasses & waves for the Bruisers to leave with him as the show goes off the air.

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