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NWA Powerrr Results (2-25-20) *Including Full Episode*

Written by Colby Faria

NWA had another episode of their YouTube series “NWA Powerrr”, tonight from GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.


Let’s get into the review…

Segment 1 – As the show begins we’re in the studio area where David Marquez introduces Tim Storm who he then interviews. Storm says the “Mama Storm” debacle was ridiculous & he’s far from done as Thom Latimer interrupts him & says he doesn’t appreciate Storm trying to drive a wedge in between NWA World Champion, Nick Aldis & himself. He says he’s Aldis’ best-friend & even was the best-man at Aldis’ wedding. Latimer also says if it ever becomes scenario that he faces Aldis for the “10-pounds of Gold” that it’ll be the best man that wins. Latimer leaves as Danny Deals comes out & says he can stop Tim Storm’s losing streak & he can cut him a deal & help him get back on the top & says that Mama Storm fiasco was miserable. Danny says he has a tag-team partner that would be a perfect fit for Storm. Storm compliments his jacket & tells him to not disrespect Mama Storm or he’ll get his hands on Danny. Danny says pick door 1 or door 2. Storm says he’ll kick both doors down & beat Danny’s ass instead. Danny says how about Storm faces his friend instead of tagging with him. Danny then says if his friend wins, Storm recommends him to the NWA officials to get a contract with the company…& if Storm beats his friend, Storm can have a 5-minute match with Danny. Storm accepts. Danny then introduces his friend, former NWA World Champion, Jax Dane. The 2 face-off as the segment ends.

Segment 2 – We’re back in the studio area where David Marquez is now interviewing Matt Cross who is hyped to be in the NWA & says when he thinks about NWA, he thinks about legacy. He says he can wrestle forever & Matt Cross is forever as he heads to the ring. Zicky Dice then comes out to the ring. Also out to the ring is NWA Television Champion, Ricky Starks. The 3 are introduced as this non-title match is underway. We have a nice back & forth between the 3. Dice is thrown out of the ring by Cross as Cross & Starks go at it for a couple of minutes. Dice comes back in the ring, throws both men in the corner & starts dancing as Cross & Starks hit a couple double-team moves on Dice as he rolls to the apron. Cross hits Starks with a nice cross-cutter after bouncing off of the middle rope then hits him with a shooting star-press. As he goes for the cover, Dice gets up, throws Cross out of the ring & pins Starks for the win.

Segment 3 – Joe Galli is shown in the studio area & introduces Aron Stevens. Stevens says he’s a fighting champion, Galli says he’s only defended his title twice & he’s ran away both times. The pair go back & forth saying yes & no for about 30-seconds then Stevens says this is the world’s biggest black-belt & that’s all he’ll say about that. Stevens says he’s beaten Scott Steiner & Trevor Murdoch & Galli should be interviewing his sensai, Question Mark instead of him. Question Mark then comes out to the ring where Trevor Murdoch meets him. Right when the match begins, Question Mark misses a spike, hurts his hand on the turnbuckle & Murdoch climbs the turnbuckle & hits Question Mark with a Flying Bulldog for the pin-fall victory. After the match, Aron Stevens starts blasting Stevens with elbows until Murdoch is out-cold.

Segment 4 – Sean Mooney is show interviewing NWA World Champion, Nick Aldis in the studio area. Mooney asks what Aldis has left to accomplish in NWA & Aldis says before he says anything else, he’s dressed like he’s going to The Kentucky Derby because he’s the ultimate thoroughbred in Professional Wrestling. Then says he defeated “Flop Gordon” (Flip Gordon) at the last PPV event & said he’s carrying the company. Aldis says Marty Scurll is second-guessing his choice to accept Aldis’ deal & he’ll give Scurll this one chance to come out to the ring & admit he’s the better man & he’ll let him back out of the deal. Scurll comes out & says he’s not backing out of the deal & says they shouldn’t wait for the PPV & fight right here, right now. Scurll takes off his jacket & glasses & runs to the ring & is chirping at Aldis, telling him to come out to thr ring. Aldis asks if he’s sure that he wants to do it as the rest of “Strictly Business” comes out to the ring. Scurll has his umbrella as Brody King comes out from the crowd & takes out Strictly Business.

Segment 5 – David Marquez is in the studio area & is interviewing Eddie Kingston. Kingston says he’s taping his hands because he’s about to bust Pope up. He says there’s no more distractions & dares Pope to come out to the ring. Pope makes his way out & says he doesn’t usually stand this close to trash. Pope says he’s the most charismatic & “pimp-tastic” person in the company. He says Pope gets whatever Pope wants. The Beer City Bruisers come out to back Kingston as Pope says he doesn’t drink but he has enough money that all he has to do is snap his fingers & Pope will have beer then the Beer City Bruisers attack Kingston.

Segment 6 – NWA Women’s Championship Match. Thunder Rosa (C) vs Melina. After being introduced, the bell rings as the match officially beings. The pair start yelling at each other as Melina rolls out of the ring & heads out through the crowd as she’s counted out. Thunder Rosa retains the title via count-out. Allysin Kay doesn’t let Melina run out as she throws her back in the ring. Kamille runs out & blasts Kay with a spear. Kamille & Thunder Rosa stare each other down as the show closes.

That closes out another very entertaining & action-packed episode of NWA Powerrr. Stay with PSE & myself on Twitter (@tvttedwhiteboy) for all of your Pro Wrestling news, updates, previews & reviews!

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