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Written by Colby Faria

The NWA held their 2nd & 3rd installments of their new series “The Circle Squared” which pits superstars against each other in a match for an NWA contract. It featured 2 matches, with 4 superstars vying for a contract.

Let’s get into the action…

Episode 2

Before the show begins, the company announces the following for next week’s, NWA Super Powerrr: Nick Aldis & Thom Latimer vs Marty Scurll & Brody King, Tim Storm vs Jax Dane, Rock N’ Roll Express vs Aron Stevens & Question Mark and Kamille’s first match & first interview in NWA.

Segment 1 – As the show begins, we see a video package, highlighting the first episode of The Circle Squared then Sean Mooney runs down the evening’s matches & quickly previews next week’s Super Powerrr event. We then see Kyle Davis in the interview area where he introduces Colby Corino who is our first competitor, tonight. Colby introduces himself then says his dad is former NWA Champion, Steve Corino & it was his destiny to follow in his father’s footsteps & be in the NWA. Colby says he has a family back in the North Carolina to provide for & talks about how important his 7-month old, son is to him. He goes on to say that tonight he’s going to do what he was bred to do, to wrestle his heart out. Colby makes his way to the ring. We then see a few live shots of several YouTube talents who are live reacting to the interview. Kyle Davis introduces Colby’s opponent, George South. South comes out to say he doesn’t care what the crowd thinks of him & for his entire 41 year career, they’ve never supported him. He says he;s been waiting his entire career & it’s taken him over 10,000 matches to stand behind the sacred NWA interview desk. Davis says he should be nicer to the fans since they may have a say in whether he gets an NWA contract or not. South calls the crowd stupid rednecks & says he’ll punch someone’s mother in the face to get an NWA contract as we see another live shot of some YouTube live reactions to the interview.

Segment 2 – We’re now shown some live shots of a few NWA superstars reacting to the show, thus far. We then get a video package which goes in-depth of the lives of Colby Corino & Goerge South. Colby says he overdosed on Heroin & spent some time in prison but he’s over 2 years clean & while he was in those dark times, George was always there for him & acted as a mentor. George says he doesn’t care who he’s fighting, he came here to win & it doesn’t matter how much he loves Colby, he’s going to beat him, tonight.

Segment 3 – Back to live action as the bell rings & the match is underway. George takes control early & puts Colby in a side head-lock, Colby gets separation, drops George with a back elbow, goes for the cover but George kicks out at a 1-count. Colby goes for another elbow but George slams him down & applies a claw submission which Colby breaks out of, takes George down & locks in an abdominal stretch. George counters it into another claw submission, Colby almost goes unconscious, but he gets up, breaks the lock but George slams him & reapplies the claw submission. Colby again breaks out of it but George is once again able to lock it back in & starts yelling at the crowd while he strengthens the hold. Colby breaks out of it yet again, George tries to hit a running elbow, Colby ducks out of the way, rolls him up & gets the 3-count for the victory. After the match, Colby tries to shake hands, but George just walks out of the ring, instead. The pair walks over to the interview area where Kyle Davis is awaiting them. Davis asks the crowd how they feel about George which the fans boo heavily, he then asks how they feel about Colby & they erupt in cheers. We then see some NWA superstars again reacting to the show. Sean Mooney is shown on the screen who says to head over to NWA’s social media accounts to vote on who deserves an NWA contract more, Colby Corino or George South. Before the next episode begins, we see Joe Galli announcing that at the Crockett Cup event, NWA National Champion, Aron Stevens will defend his title against Trevor Murdoch. He also announces that, next week on Super Powerrr, NWA Women’s Champion, Thunder Rosa will find out her challenger that she will defend her title against at the Crockett Cup. Galli announces that Rock N Roll Express, Brodie King & Flip Gordon, Rey Horus & Flamita, & Thom Latimer & Royce Isaacs are the first 4 teams involved in the Crockett Cup Tag-Team Tournament. Galli also announces that there will be a Wild Card Battle Royal to determine the wild card, final entrant into the Crockett Cup & the first 3 entrants in the Battle Royal are Tim Storm, Ricky Starks & NWA Television Champion, Zicky Dice as episode 2 ends.

Episode 3

Segment 1 – Sean Mooney quickly recaps episodes 1 & 2 of The Circle Squared before sending it to David Marquez in the interview area where he introduces Freya The Slayer. Freya introduces herself & says in her hometown of Alaska, she learned how to deal with the elements & in this squared circle, she’s in her true element. We see NWA superstars & YouTube talents live react to the show. Marquez then introduces Dani Jordyn. Dani says she’s the real mean girl of Professional Wrestling. She says Freya is one of the 2 people that live in Alaska, asks if she rode her Moose to the arena then asks if she has YouTube to watch this episode & then says she’s going to beat her then comeback & beat everyone else in NWA. We go back to NWA superstars & YouTube talents live react to her interview.

Segment 2 – We see a video package diving into Freya & Dani’s personal lives. Freya shows some pictures & videos of how life is in Alaska. Dani says she’s the living embodiment of proving you can do it when nobody else says you can.

Segment 3 – The bell rings & the match is underway. Freya shows off some powerful offense as she dominates the first minute of the bout. Dani collects herself & runs at Freya but Freya catches her & tosses her across the ring. Freya plants Dani with a heavy power-slam after holding her up with only 1 arm, goes for the cover but Dani kicks out at 2. Dani starts drop-kicking Freya’s legs, pushes her into the corner & unloads some punches but Freya decks her with a heavy right hand that drops Dani. Dani starts to unload some more kicks to Freya’s knees but Freya puts her in a choke-hold, but Dani blasts her with an upper-cut that breaks the hold. Dani goes for a DDT, Freya powers out, tries to lift Dani for a power-slam but her knee gives out then Dani drops her with a drop-kick to the head, Dani goes for the cover but Freya is able to kick out by nearly throwing Dani out of the ring. Freya then plants Dani with a vicious slam, goes for the pin & Freya gets the win. The 2 ladies head over to the interview area with David Marquez who polls the audience. Both ladies get a pretty good reaction as we’re shown the NWA superstars live reacting to the match. Sean Mooney again hypes up the Crockett Cup event & thanks the fans for watching & the show goes off the air.

You can watch the episodes, in their entirety, below!

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