Now That LaMelo Ball Is A Hornet, We Finally Get The One on One Matchup We Deserve

Yes, we all remember in 2017 when Lavar went on First Take and claimed he could beat Michael Jordan one on one. Not only beat him, but he thinks he would have killed Jordan. News flash Lavar, you never played in the NBA, and well Jordan, he’s considered the greatest of all time. Lavar, time to put your money where your mouth is and play Jordan.

On the first day of Hornets practice, Lavar better walk in with LaMelo and be prepared to play hoops. This is exactly what we need, Michael Jordan just absolutely destroying Lavar and putting him in his place. We better get a live broadcast of this one on one matchup, hell, put this on ESPN primetime.

We all know Jordan would love to play, he’s not taking any of that disrespect. Lavar thinks he can do just about anything in the world. Can’t blame him, he did have two of his kids selected in the top five of the two different drafts. I would be pretty cocky too. So, Lavar and Jordan make this happen, it would be must-see television. I mean, look at the last time we saw Lavar play one on one on national television.

Electric stuff right there. The type of action that deserves to be seen everywhere. Jordan, please make this happen.

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