Notre Dame vs. Georgia Preview!!!!

Alright here’s the take of the tape!! The ten most important factors of this big top ten college football matchup

1. Georgia cheerleaders and overall women student body is way better then Notre Dame

2. Georgia’s running game will mow over the undersized Notre Dame Dline and LBers.

3. Athens>South Bend

4. Leprechaun>Bulldog

5. Victory March>Glory,Glory

6. The Qb matchup is interesting while Ian book has Fromm on the running ability slightly, Fromm is the much better passer and leader of the offense.

7. Uniforms while the golden dimes are classic and they would have the edge if they had their home blues on, but they don’t and the all red and white with the classic G takes this one.

8. SEC>Independent/kindaACC

9. Notre Dame National Championships> Georgia’s

10. My team(ND)<Georgia bc my teams lose big games always.

So if you do the math that’s 7 for Georgia 3 for Notre Dame, it’s an obvious huge win for Georgia based on these analytics.

P.S. My teams always lose big games so it’s not a question the Irish lose by 20 tonight.

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