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Notre Dame Caught on Fire

Written by Jacob Nikolson

Yesterday this is a sight that many, if not all of us, saw happening before our very own eyes. I believe everyone knows what generally went down so I’m not going to go too in depth regarding the actual incident. Rather, I’m going to give a couple of updates regarding the situation as well as a few of my own inputs.

Parisian Fire Officials have stated that the main structure, including it’s iconic towers have been ‘saved and preserved.’ Thank God that they were able to stop it when they did. Some Hardos on the socials were talking big game on how slow PFD was and how “NYFD would do it in half the time.” Puh-lease, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you realize just how old this monument is? It’s older than the United States nearly four times over at 856 years old. You can’t just go willy-nilly and carpet bomb it with water, it’d do far more damage than good.

I found a comprehensive visual detailing what was damaged in the fire, pictured below

Here’s a picture from the inside, notice that the Cross is the lone survivor in the lone. Beautiful and symbolic at the same time.

Currently donations to rebuild the cathedral clock in around $700 million, with many of French’s billionaires (such as the group behind Kering and L’oreal) giving back. French President Macron said that rebuilding the cathedral will take five years.

Should any other developments arise from this situation, you can count on me to keep you in the loop. This is Jacob, signing off. For more content from me, follow me on Twitter @NikolsonJacob. Signing Off!

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