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Norman Bledsoe, an Elderly Man Who Was Beaten By Coronavirus Patient in Nursing Home Back in Spring, Passes Away

Written by Nate

Remember a couple months back when a video went viral about a Coronavirus (COVID-19) patient who was beating an elderly man at a Detroit nursing home this past May?

Fast forward to today and it is not good news. It is confirmed by WWJ News that the victim, 75-year-old Norman Bledsoe, has died this past Monday morning.

Bledsoe made headlines back in the Spring when a video surfaced seeing 20-year-old Jaydon Hayden beating up on Bledsoe at the Westwood Nursing Home.

Hayden (Photo Courtesy: WWJ News)

That video has been suspected to be taken down.

The brutal assault left Bledsoe with a broken jaw, fingers, ribs and other injuries.

It is reported by family members that Bledsoe became depressed and wouldn’t eat after the assault.

As for Hayden, he is waiting for his court date as he has been charged with two counts of assault with intent to do bodily harm, theft, and two counts of credit card theft.

There is no speculation yet on whether Hayden will be charged with murder.

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