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Nope, L’Anse Isn’t Getting Wind Turbines As Company Calls It Quits Because Of …. You Can Finally Go Back To Talking To Your Family Members (for now)

The developer behind a proposed wind farm in L’Anse Township says it is no longer pursuing the project. And…. everyone can finally relax and stop being crybabies and can finally start talking to their own family members again. Wind turbines aren’t coming! Yet anyway. So if you are for them or against them… it doesn’t matter. Let this be the last of it.

The Summit Lake Wind Project was a proposed 130 MW wind farm near the Huron Mountains on Weyerhaeuser Land.

“After a careful review of several factors, RES has decided to discontinue the development of the Summit Lake Wind project,” said Sean Stocker, RES Project Manager, in a statement. “We have enjoyed working with the local community and want to thank all the landowners and supporters of the Summit Lake Wind project.”

“We expected there would be some delays in the project and RES pulled out and all but if we desire we can go out looking for another company. There are many companies that put in wind turbines, maybe a better style of turbines will come along that don’t have the big blades on it,” said Baraga County Commissioner, Bill Menge.

“It’s a good day for the residents an visitors of Baraga County. The wind turbines would have had an impact on property values and tourism so these are things that would have not benefited the local residents here,” Said President of the Friends of the Huron Mountains, Burt Mason.

“We have to protect the environment and these natural resources for seven generations to come I think that there are other opportunities now that we have this wind energy company walking away,” said KBIC member Jeffery Loman.

KBIC president Warren C. Swartz, Jr. explained the tribe’s opposition to the project. “The Indian treaty rights are really important to us because that’s our way of life,” said Swartz. “And our way of life is really important to, not only me, but the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. And our way of life means the ability to go out and hunt, fish, trap, and gather, all of the things we’ve been afforded to all of the years, you know. And my people, and I especially, want to protect that.”

“I would approve of solar any day over wind turbines,” said Swartz on Monday. “We did those feasibility studies and determined that wind just isn’t feasible.”

According to locals this project being missed out on is a “sad” display, this would have brought millions of dollars into the small and struggling community.

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