#NobodyWins – Students Protest Climate Change at Harvard/Yale Football Game

Written by Will

I’m all for free speech and saying whatever the hell you want to say, but honest to God, sitting and blocking normal everyday activities from happening is the absolute worst way of making a statement.

During halftime of the Harvard/Yale football game, students from both Harvard & Yale University joined in union at the 50-yard line and sat down, holding a sign to make it appear as though they were protesting about climate change, and to encourage all to divest from fossil fuels.  

I have a great idea for those students and alumni (treehuggers) who are involved with wanting to make a change about protecting our environment – if they are so interested. Why don’t we shut off the electricity and the fuels used to keep your home warm during the winter months? That way, you’re making a difference and saving yourself from these resources.

The second half of this game is delayed, but face it, #NobodyWins on a great day of College Football if games cannot be finished or continued. Students were starting to be escorted from the field so the game could continue.

Just another day in College Football.

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