Nobody In The Boxing World Fears Jake Paul

Written by EricLyonsTV

Jake Paul is an actor who I portraying his most interesting role to date, he’s become a boxer. Paul has fooled a lot of people but he has not fooled me this guy is a straight clown who is not taken seriously by other boxers. Sure he has a 3-0 record in the sport but who the hell has he fought? A YouTuber, former NBA star, and a washed UFC fighter who was known for his wrestling. Paul has not faced a real boxer yet and he is smart not to because he will get seriously hurt. We are in the exhibition era where anyone can become a boxer and quite frankly it’s sad. It’s sad to see these guys make a mockery of the sweet science especially Jake Paul. He parades himself around like he holds any weight in the sport, runs his mouth about guys he’ll never get in the ring with, and for the second time is getting in the ring with a mixed martial artist not a boxer. Boxing requires more skill and stamina than fighting in the octagon.

A good boxer can jump into the MMA world and be successful but someone who is in the MMA can’t be successful in boxing. We’ve seen Conor McGregor who is actually known for his hands in the UFC get worn down and beat on by the GOAT Floyd Mayweather. I could not believe that people actually thought that man had a chance against Floyd. Then you look at Claressa Shields who is the most decorated woman in boxing, she jumped right into PFL and got a W with ease. As a boxer all you have to do is bring your hands, movement, and stamina. You learn how to stop a take down, defend submissions, and fight on the ground you’re good. You don’t even have to get your legs involved if your hands are that serious like Shields. When Brock Lesnar became UFC heavyweight champion I knew anyone can but could Brock be a heavyweight champion in boxing? Absolutely not.

These are the reasons why Jake Paul has chosen another washed UFC fighter in Tyron Woodley. Woodley is a 39 year old who hasn’t stopped or knocked anybody out since 2016. The same Tyron Woodley who lost his last four UFC fights. This guy is not a boxer he is a shell of what he used to be, I would not be surprised if Jake Paul beats this man. That’s why I can’t take this fight serious and I really can’t take Paul’s list seriously.

There are only two boxing champions on this list and one would not give him the time of day. Canelo doesn’t even fight guys in the sport who haven’t fought anybody of substance so why would he waste his time with the guy who was on Disney Channel? Unfortunately Gervonta Davis could be swayed into getting in the ring with this clown but I know for a fact Tank would put Jake Paul to sleep. The sport of boxing isn’t a game, it’s not something you play, the sooner Jake Paul gets in the ring with a real boxer the sooner he will understand that.

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