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Nobody Expected Dallas Cowboys To Release Him; Amari Cooper’s Vaccination Left Jerry Jones Irate!

Written by Chris Powers

Amari Cooper has been very vocal about his vaccination status, and has not exactly gone over well with Dallas Cowboys brass. Cooper contracted COVID a few weeks back and missed a few important games. Team owner Jerry Jones commented on how Cooper’s decision making impacted the team.

“Amari Cooper is outstanding. He’s one of the highest-character guys that you will ever be around in any area. He’s outstanding in his introspect and how he does things,” Jones said. “Nobody is saying he isn’t outstanding, but this is a classic case of how it can impact a team. At the end of the day, this is team. You cannot win anything individually. … The point is, it popped us. This did pop us.”

Credit: New York Post

In other Dallas Cowboys news, it was noted that defensive tackle Justin Hamilton was waived after being with the Cowboys for a few seasons.

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