Talk about a dumpster fire. Sheesh, I thought the Lions were a dumpster fire, but at least they aren’t in the Texans situation. Things are about to get ugly in Houston. Well, they already were but even uglier now. First off, before the season started, Houston traded away their all-pro wide receiver for next to nothing last offseason. Then the Texans went 4-12, and they don’t have a first or second-round pick because of a trade with Miami in 2019. Now, no one wants to take the job and the star quarterback wants out of town. Talk about a damn mess.

Deshaun Watson is special, this year alone, Watson threw for 33 touchdowns and 4,823 yards. Houston just keeps wasting him. A lot of rumors are saying Watson to Miami. That would be awesome, Miami has a bright future and is a few weapons away from being a contender. Plus, he looks sweet in a Dolphins jersey.

What an awful time to be a Houston sports fan. First, James Harden just left the Rockets, and now the other star of the city wants out. I guess that’s just Karma for cheating your way to a World Series as the Astros did. Hard to feel sorry for Houston after that. Houston, just don’t cheat next time and maybe luck will bounce your way.


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