No One in Los Angeles Gives a Shit about Michael Buffer

Written by Matt

Michael Buffer was set to announce the start of the Los Angeles game for Sunday Night Football. Except his highly anticipated introduction was about as in sync as the English dub version of Squid Game.

You have to imagine the Rams paid a minimum of six figures for the appearance. Just to have the climax of the introduction happen as the special teams lightly jogged back to the sidelines – fairly anti-climactic if you ask me.

Could the kicker really not wait an extra 10 seconds? Did the players/coaches even know what was going on? Did Michael Buffer have a sideline pass and decide to just grab a mic and get the crowd pumped on his own?

In any case, what a worthless start. Regardless, the Rams do not need anything extra to take down the Derrick Henry-less Titans. Looks like we are in store for a fairly boring SNF match-up.

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