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No Fun League: Kansas City #Chiefs Running Back Clyde Edwards-Helaire Flagged for Pointing at #Cowboys LB Luke Gifford | #NFL

Written by Nate

The NFL just continues to dig themselves in a deep hole with all the ridiculous rule changes regarding excessive celebrations and taunting, and this penalty to Kansas City Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire is part of the reason why fans has had enough.

In a brief video by Ari Meirov (MySportsUpdate on Twitter), just as he scored a touchdown to give the Chiefs 16-0 lead, Edwards-Helaire was penalized for pointing at Dallas linebacker Luke Gifford.

Oh how will Gifford will ever recover from that point to the face.

Just so you know what scrutiny fans and teams dealing with, there are also the same referee union that threw a flag on Chicago Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh for both staring at the Pittsburgh Steelers bench and ‘making contact with referee Tony Corrente’ on Monday Night Football.

Those penalties were disputed since it was apparent that Corrente may have deliberately hip checked Marsh with flag in hand ready to throw with call in hand. However, the call gotten worse when the league backed the refs on that call and fined Marsh for the call a couple weeks ago.

Got nothing to say more here, just more utter stupidity coming from the NFL (No Fun League) and its crew of referees.

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