No Cameron Crazies In Cameron Indoor This Season

“Contests played on Duke’s campus will include only essential game management personnel and broadcast media. Traditional parking lots used by fans on game day will be closed” – Duke Athletics

Everyone knew this would most likely be the case but damn it’s disappointing to see the news be official. Sports have been so weird lately. Thanks to COVID no stadium is even close to being full capacity if any fans at all. But seeing Cameron have no fans will no doubt be the weirdest one of them all. Cameron is known for the fans, it’s known for being the small arena with the craziest and loudest fans, the Cameron Crazies. Seeing that place with no fans will not seem real, I won’t believe it until I see it. Imagine the Carolina Duke game at Cameron with no fans, nope I don’t even want to imagine that. Who knows maybe by then things will have changed with the virus and there will be fans, but as of now no crazies inside of Cameron.

As disappointing as the news is, I completely understand it. Cameron is so small, only seating 9,291. When Cameron is at full capacity people are on top of each other. It is impossible to social distance in that place. The fans are right on the players the whole game.

Yeah, good luck social distancing in that stadium. As much as I understand the news still sucks. Cameron has so many special moments with fans, like the time a student distracted a free throw shooter with a speedo.

Good times, again maybe things will be different with the virus by the middle of the season. Cameron has awesome traditions, such as the students camping out for the games and just how loud that place gets. It’s insane, what a damn shame it will be if a full season with no fans happens.

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