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NMU Interim President Allegedly Seen Breaking School’s Own Mask Mandate at Wildcat Hockey Game

Written by Nate

Another good episode of ‘rules for thee, but not for me.’

Posted by the NMU Barstool account on Instagram, it appears that Northern Michigan University (NMU) Interim President, Kerri Schuiling, was seen not wearing a mask out at a Wildcat hockey game recently—breaking NMU’s own mask mandate.

Schuiling (Photo Courtesy: WLUC TV6)

For those who don’t recall, NMU implemented a mask mandate in place back in August in which states that ALL individuals, faculty and students (regardless of vaccination status) must wear a mask at all campus facilities in effort to fight against COVID-19.

Those facilities involved in the mandate include the PEIF building, the Superior Dome, and the Berry Events Center.

This stunt adds up to the numerous sightings of politicians or people in power getting caught breaking their own COVID-19 mandates and/or orders while urging others to follow them in the same breath.

Not a good look for someone who is in the running to be the permanent President at NMU. Hopefully she and the Board of Trustees can clarify their mandate rules, otherwise there will be more sticky situations like this very soon.

**Original/Headline Photo Courtesy to NMU Barstool (Instagram)**

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