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NMU Fan Flips off Michigan Tech Hockey Team After Triple Overtime Win That Clinched Playoff Series

Written by Nate

Last night, the Michigan Tech University Huskies clinched a sweep over archrival Northern Michigan University Wildcats with a hard-fought triple overtime 4-3 win in Marquette.

However like myself as an NMU alumnus, a lot of Wildcat fans did not take the loss well—at all. Especially when NMU only had one win all year against Tech.

Pictured down below is a screenshot from a Huskies fan of the team celebrating in front of the NMU fanbase, and one Wildcat fan was caught giving the double bird to the team in Tech’s final score image.

Photo Courtesy: Harley Eakin

Rival fanbases of certain teams sometimes have a tendency to do that stuff, but to be caught in an image, it would be embarrassing.

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