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Nintendo Could Be Making Two New Nintendo Switch Models, and Here’s What They Might Be Like

Written by Robert Workman

There was speculation a few months ago that Nintendo would redesign its Nintendo Switch system. Granted, it didn’t confirm this just yet, but the possibilities are certainly endless. It could be an all-portable model; or maybe even like a Switch XL to appease those with need of a bigger screen. Well, it turns out…we might just get BOTH.

A new report from the Wall Street Journal suggests that we’ll be getting two new Switch models this year. Eurogamerhas since followed up with its own report, providing slightly more detail.

The first system will be a “cheaper” model of the Switch, one made for kids and molded into a convenient handheld version. This will make it more affordable overall, and get more Switch units out the door. Eurogamer believes it’s akin to the Nintendo 2DS, for portable play only.

So, what about the other one, then? The site notes that it’ll be much bigger, along the lines of a New Nintendo 3DS XL. That means possibly having a bigger screen, a more convenient control set-up and, who knows, maybe even a bigger memory card. (That’s something a LOT of fans have been wanting for a few weeks now). There may also be an increase in performance, though that hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

Now, Nintendo hasn’t said anything, so this is JUST speculation at the moment. But they could have a nice one-two punch at E3 in just a few months. The real question is…which version should we buy first? XL here, please.

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