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Nike Introducing Nintendo 64 Inspired Air Max 97 Shoes

Written by Robert Workman

Nostalgia sells, especially when it comes to shoes. Don’t believe us? Check out the PlayStation-themed shoes that came out earlier this year – or try to, if you can find a pair that isn’t selling for over a few hundred dollars.

With that, Nike is getting into the nostalgic spirit with the Air Max 97, a pair of shoes that are inspired by the design of the Nintendo 64 console. Featuring a grey design with a light mesh and matching leather overlays with a variety of colors that match the N64 rainbow-ish layout of green, blur, red and yellow, the design also features Air Max in written design similar to that of the classic Nintendo logo from the N64 system. Not to mention that the tongues say “Power” and “Reset” — they may as well just be official at this point. So…why aren’t they?!

No matter. These shoes look pretty rad, to say the least. And they’ll be pretty costly once they’re introduced later this year. A release date hasn’t been given just yet, but they’ll go for around $160 once they do arrive. And they’re likely to go pretty fast, likely in the hands of collectors and those that live to put a little bit of nostalgia on their feet. Or those that thrive on beating Super Mario 64 and StarFox 64 for the umpteenth time. (Note: it’s us, probably.)

Check out some images of the shoes below!


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