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Nick Sirianni’s Daughter Was The Star Of The Post-Game Press Conference

Written by Tony Ghaul

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the San Francisco 49ers 31-9 to advance to the Super Bowl.

Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni brought his three children to the post-game press conference where they absolutely stole the show.

At one point, Sirianni was being imitated by his daughter, Taylor, causing him to pause his interview so that he could tell her to stop. And after the press conference was done, he told his daughter and son that there wouldn’t be any more press conference appearances for either of them.

When his daughter spun her hat around and wore it backwards was hilarious. Sirianni’s children should have their own station on Super Bowl Media Day.  

Sirianni needs to bring the kids to the Super Bowl post-game press conference.

Photo courtsey of Barstool Sports

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