Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni showed the team clips this week of the San Francisco 49ers players talking trash, instructing them to “take it personally,” much like Michael Jordan did when players trash-talked him back in the day, as per JayGlazer.

Sirianni wants the players to take it personally and use it as motivation for the game. The disrespect is also being underdogs with the best record in NFL and playing at home.

Sirianni was asked about being installed as underdogs on Wednesday, “We just worry about going to work for ourselves. I think going into the last year and the year before, no one really thought we would be any good. I think it’s OK to be the underdog.”

“I said on the radio the other day, before I ever stepped foot in the city all I knew about this city was Rocky versus Apollo Creed and the city plays the underdog well.”

The 10-1 Eagles take on the 8-3 San Francisco 49ers at 4:25 PM today at Lincoln Financial Field.

Eagles HC Nick Sirianni. Photo courtesy of Anthony Behar/PA


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