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NHL fan fight at Bruins-Coyotes game got shockingly violent

A wild fan fight occurred at an NHL game on Friday night and the video of the fight went viral. The Boston Bruins and the Phoenix Coyotes played on Friday night in Tempe. The Coyotes pulled an upset win over the previously 20-4-1 Bruins.

A wild fight broke out between fans in the stands of ASU Multi-Purpose Arena. It got chaotic and then got shockingly bad very quickly, involving several people in the stands.

A video of the fight on Saturday morning that went viral quickly.

In the video we can see multiple fans throwing punches and being assaulted, including a woman wearing a New England Patriots jersey that appears to be briefly knocked out after being struck by a man wearing a Coyotes shirt.
Thankfully several members of law enforcement that arrive on scene to help break up the brawl in the crowd, and there have been several unconfirmed reports that suggest a number of the people involved were led away from the scene of the brawl in handcuffs.

Photo courtsey of Twitter

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