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NFL Player Strike Imminent For Safety Reasons? NFLPA President Slams NFL For Lack Of COVID Testing!

The President of the NFLPA and center for the Cleveland Browns, J.C. Tretter made it loud and clear today that he, along with the rest of the NFLPA, is not happy with the NFL and its lack of COVID testing of players. See what he had to say on the matter below.

“Despite our vaccination rates being extremely high, we have seen that the delta variant can infect and spread among vaccinated people,” Tretter wrote. “That means, at the moment, we are in a worse spot this year than last year because the NFL has backed off a key component of our previous success: daily testing.”

“We cannot do what is cheaper over what is right,” he wrote. “We have been warned by our experts that, because of our current testing cadence, we are at more risk of missed games this season than last season. If we continue to go down this path, I need everyone in the football community to be aware of what lies ahead.”

credit: sports illustrated

While it does not sound like the players are going to strike and certainly the season is not at risk for being cancelled, it seems very clear where the NFLPA stands on the matter on increasing testing for COVID-19. The league has not exactly been on top of the COVID-19 testing with its players, which is only going to lead to increase transmissions and diagnoses.

Hopefully the NFL ramps up its testing policies before the start of the season later this week!

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