The NFLPA has warned NFL teams to not negotiate with a man named Ken Francis about Lamar Jackson.

According to a memo sent to teams by the NFLPA, a man named Ken Francis has been illegally contacting teams and persuading them to enter into negotiations concerning free agent QB Lamar Jackson.

Jackson, who was signed to the non-exclusive rights franchise tag by the Baltimore Ravens, is known to have always represented himself in contract renewal negotiations.

Ken Francis is a man based in the Fort Lauderdale-Miami area of South Florida. He is also the founder of a company named The Entire Gym LLC. He went to school at Daytona State College. More importantly, he is also Lamar Jackson’s new business partner.

This is crazy stuff, we have someone named Ken Francis cold-calling clubs trying to get them to speak to Lamar because the well appears to have dried up.

QB Lamar Jackson. Photo courtsey of Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports


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