NFL Week 4 Keys To The Game: WFT Vs Falcons

This is going to be a series where I highlight keys to the game for each game that week that emphasizes what teams need to focus on in order to have a higher chance of winning. So by stating that, let’s get started.


1. Washington must find their pass rush and make Matt Ryan uncomfortable. Ryan doesn’t fair well against a good pass rush and WFT has the talent of that defensive line to bring one.

2. Shut down Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts. Those two are the players that are the catalyst of ATL offense where if you shut them down you shut their offense down.

3. Keep Heinicke in check. Heinicke can get a little crazy at times and if he stays calm and takes what is given to him WFT should win. Keep him comfortable with the game plan and execute it.


1. As mentioned above, Ryan isn’t great against pressure so the ATL offensive line needs to be on their A-game and keep him upright all afternoon. If ATL wants any shot at winning they can’t have Matt Ryan being pummeled by WFT.

2. Get the run game going. New ATL Head Coach Arthur Smith was known in Tennessee to run the ball with play-action bombs off of that. He hasn’t had the run game to do that so far but WFT gives up a lot of yards on the ground so this could be the week we see a more Tennessee offense for ATL.

3. At all costs stop Terry McLaurin from having a big game. ATL defense is bad and I mean really bad but triple Terry if need be, you can’t have him beat you in the end. Outside of scary Terry WFT offensive talent at WR is mediocre at best.

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