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NFL Week 4 Keys To The Game: Texans vs Bills


The Texans are massive underdogs against the Bills as they should be but here is how they could improve their very little odds to accomplish the upset.

1. Control the clock. The best chance you have is to control the ball for 40 minutes if you can and pray your defense put up a little bit of a fight against Josh Allen and company.

2. Disguise everything you do. Both on offense and defense the Texans need to put the Bills in a mental pretzel on every single play. Show blitz and then drop 8 in coverage. Line up in I-form and take a shot deep on a 3rd and short. Throw the Bills off their game any chance you get.

3. Keep Josh Allen contained in the pocket. What makes Allen special is his cannon of an arm but more importantly his ability to extend the play, shut that down immediately. If you can hold Allen into the pocket you take away the improvisation that he relies on.


Perhaps the easiest game for the Bills this season but there are still things the Bills need to focus on.

1. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Too many times we see a game where the spread is large and the team that is the massive favorite sleeps walk through the game and it costs them. Just last season the Rams were massive favorites against the Jets and they messed around resulting in a loss. If you’re the Bills you can’t let this happen, treat it like any other game.

2. Run the ball. The Bills game plan should be simple, run, run, and run. They can’t afford any major injures so just rely on the run and get out of there with an easy win.

3. Bring pressure. In the great words of Coach Yoast from Remember the Titans, “You blitz all night” All the Bills need to do on defense is bring the heat.

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