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NFL Week 4 Keys To The Game: Lions Vs Bears

A division game where both teams are struggling and a game that could mean one coach is looking for a job afterward.


1. Get after Justin Fields. The Browns made the NFL debut of Justin Fields an absolute nightmare for him and the Lions need to do the same. Pressure him and force him to beat you. The Lions rank 10th in sacks per game and they will need that to hold true tomorrow.

2. Scheme T.J Hockeson with 1 on 1 coverage. The best weapon the Lions have is TE T.J Hockenson and opposing teams are doubling him nearly every snap. The Lions have to get him in some 1 on 1 situations to make the offense more successful.

3. Offensive Line needs to play to their potential. The Lions have one of the better offensive line units in the NFL and they need to hold up against the Bears pass rush. Sewell is going to have a tough assignment trying to lockdown Mack but he did phenomenal in week 1 against Nick Bosa so let’s see if he can have that type of performance again.


1. Actually have a game plan for Fields. Last week was embarrassing for all involved and if the Bears have another outing like that Jobs are going to be open for the Bears. Setup your rookie QB to succeed and not let him get killed all afternoon.

2. Use the ground game to help Fields. The Bears have a top 10 running back in the league in David Montgomery, USE HIM. Montgomery should be looking at 25-30 touches tomorrow to take pressure off of Fields and for their sake slow the game down for him.

3. Make Goff beat you. Goff is a turnover machine, both with INT and fumbles. McVay moved off of him for those reasons and then some. Pressure him and force him to make tight-window throws against pressure and if he does just tip your cap.

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