NFL Week 1 Review

Written by Kasey Davis

What an extraordinarily exciting first weekend of the NFL season. Lots of close games, couple blowouts and…. a tie?

The season kicked off with the defending super Bowl champion Eagles topping the Atlanta Falcons in a 18 to 12 contest that seemed more like a pre-season game than a season kickoff.

Miami and Tennessee dealt with weather delays to make it the longest game in NFL history. The Titans lost some key players in a close affair, 27 to 20.

Kirk Cousins in a Minnesota Vikings finally brought Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers winning streak of five games from last year to an end with a 24 to 16 victory.

Kirk Cousins looking well worth the money you paid to him in the offseason. Question is now can cousins in the Vikings compete with the Green Bay Packers for the division?

The New England Patriots beat the Houston Texans and a game that DeShaun Watson look more like a newley drafted rookie than a guy who had an impressive first-half his rookie season before injury.

The Patriots only one 27 to 20, but looked like the same old Patriots with guy stepping up to replace the guys that are no longer there Rex Burkhead more than adequately filled the shoes of Dion Lewis.

And what is probably the biggest upset of the weekend, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won a scoring affair against the New Orleans Saints 48 2 40. Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is now being called “Fitzmagic” again, look amazing in replace of the suspended Jameis Winston. One has to wonder if this was a fluke, or if the New Orleans Saints defense is going to have a rough year.

Jacksonville Jaguars spoiled the first game of running back Saquon Barkley Prayer by upending the New York Giants 20 to 15. Saquon Barkley still had a very strong game finishing over a hundred yards rushing adding yards through the air and looking like he’s going to have a strong rookie campaign.

Andrew Luck made his return to the football field after a one-year hiatus with a lingering shoulder injury. He threw an interception on his first drive but made a very strong performance after the fact. Still it wasn’t enough as a Cincinnati Bengals 34 to 23.

In one of the biggest surprise other than the Tampa Bay game, the Cleveland Browns roared back from a 20127 deficit late in the game to take the Pittsburgh Steelers to overtime. I missed field goal by Pittsburgh in Cleveland and a strong defensive standing by the Browns allowed this to be a 21 all tie at the end of overtime.

Baltimore backed up my pick for them to win the AFC North division by hanging up 47 points on the Buffalo Bills. Nathan Peterman struggled and was replaced by Josh Allen, the rookie first-round pick quarterback. Still all the Buffalo Bills could muster up was a measly 3 points.

Kansas City scored 38 points to beat the Los Angeles Chargers 28 points and make an interesting race for the AFC West. Patrick Mahomes look as good as advertised and let’s Kansas City fans forget about the trade of Alex Smith for at least one week.

Speaking of which, Alex Smith hope the Washington Redskins score 24 points in a victory over the Arizona Cardinals who only we’re able to score 6.

Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys struggled in his first game of the 2018 season losing 16 to 8 to the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton was mildly impressive in his first game under new offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

Denver beat Seattle 27-24 in new QB Case Keenums first start as a Bronco. Seattle , who let Richard Sherman walk this past off-season, is a far cry from there legion of boom days.

Aaron Rodgers continues to defy the football gods and show that he is Superman holding a pigskin. The Bears thought they had Rodgers Kryptonite…. But it turns out I was just some kind of earth rock. Aaron Rodgers got knocked out in the first half early of the Bears Packers game but returned late in a contest to overcome a large deficit and win 24-23.

Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, but in my opinion Aaron Rodgers is the most talented quarterback of all time

The Monday night contest saw Sam darnold get his first start throwing an interception on his first pass but still let the Jets to a giant victory as running back Isaiah Crowell dashed his way to the end zone while running for a hundred plus yards. The Jets won over the Detroit Lions 48 to 17.

In the second Monday night contest Jon Gruden help set a record for new head coaches to a team by becoming the seventh new head coach to lose last weekend. The Los Angeles Rams won easily 33 to 13.

This Recaps the past weekend and prepares us for tonight’s NFL Thursday contest between AFC North Rivals Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens.

Both teams are coming off a victory in week 1, albeit different forms of victories. The Ravens you did a little bit of Andrew Luck, and his mistakes, to watch a fella and safety Rumble for a game-clinching touchdown.

While the Baltimore Ravens who out the Buffalo Bills in a no chance contest that’s all quarterback Lamar Jackson see the field for the first time as a rookie.

This one shaves out to be a good contest during the beginning of the Season as both teams are looking to show that they are improved and ready to make playoff pushes after disappointing Seasons last year.

Both quarterbacks, Andy Dalton and Joe Flacco, look motivated to do so. Joe Flacco finally has weapons in the form of wide receivers Michael Crabtree, John Brown and Willie Snead. While the jury is still out on the Bengals offensive line one can be assured that Joe Mixon looks like a man on a mission; the Mixon mission. Tonight’s contest there’s to be an entertaining one barring another Baltimore blowout.

Now ladies and Gentlemen let’s get NFL week 2 started!!!

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